Take Control
Of Energy Costs

Gain energy independence with solar + Storage

Welcome to the era of energy redefined.

Energy consumers now have a choice when it comes to meeting their electricity needs.

No longer are you tied to only one source for your electricity with costs that fluctuate every year.

Now you can enjoy the many benefits of generating your own clean energy on site. Businesses and public entities with substantial electricity usage need relief from accelerating utility rates. Installing a clean energy solution from CalCom can provide immediate savings—and puts you in control of your electricity costs for years to come.

CalCom understands the challenge of rising electricity costs, especially in agricultural and public-sector operations.

Whether you’re interested in a solar or solar + storage solution, we can design a system that’s optimized for your needs.

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Even if you’ve priced solar power systems recently, changes in the solar energy market are creating significant new financial opportunities. Let us give you a free no obligation assessment of your energy needs to see how solar might be a reality for you.