Calcom Blog


September 3, 2013

Industry consolidation is part of growth. We’re suggesting you invest in solar installations, not solar manufacturers.

In the early 1900s, the auto industry had over 350 manufacturers. Now there are less than a dozen serious players.

The same thing is now driving solar: hundreds of manufacturers churned out solar panels for a relatively small market of buyers. Fierce competition in solar manufacturing has meant lower prices for consumers – solar panel prices have dropped 80% in the past few years – but has caused some manufacturers to fail and others to be bought out. That’s the beauty of the free market.

The solar industry is on solid ground. Germany, Japan, and China are massively investing in PV installations. California is required to meet 33% of its energy usage with renewables by 2020. The electric utilities have to partner with us to fill those quotas. This is the perfect time for you to invest – great Federal Investment Tax Credits available, support from the utilities, and low cost PV components.

And, because CalCom Solar buys only top quality, “Tier 1” solar panels and products, we offer excellent, long term warranties. Guaranteed.