Energy Services


CalCom Energy specializes in providing energy solutions to help ag and water districts reduce organizational energy costs in a sustainable way. In addition to developing, financing, and constructing onsite solar and energy storage solutions; CalCom offers services that can help inform smarter energy decisions and reduce energy spend. We help ag and water businesses achieve more predictable energy costs and inform operational planning by deciphering complex utility usage and providing comprehensive analyses tailored to your operations. CalCom Energy will take care of turning the complicated issues into simple solutions so that you can focus on running your business.


CalCom’s approach is two-fold: We provide metering and billing analysis to an entire operation to better manage electricity usage. We also leverage our knowledge of solar and battery storage resources to ensure onsite generation is at peak performance. We develop a plan unique to each customer that is actively managed as customer needs and energy technologies evolve. We also provide our customers with revenue generating opportunities, such as participation in the Renewable Credits Market (REC’s) and the Capacity Availability Payment Program (CAP).


Scenario analysis of potential impacts on electricity usage and cost, such as changes in water allocations or crop changes

ROI Optimization
Utility Bill Auditing
NEMA Meter Re-aggregation
Meter Rate Change Processing
Asset Monitoring Management


Capacity Availability Payment Program (CAP)
•Pays up to $20,000 per MW per year to be an available grid resource

Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s)
•Earn $5 per megawatt/hour of electricity generated by your solar installation
Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) Credits
EV Charging


CalCom is a dedicated partner to the water and agriculture industry. We are proud of the relationships we have within the Ag industry and are dedicated to creating opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the industry.

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