May 5, 2017

VISALIA, California – CalCom Solar announces major progress with Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) billing.

Over the past year, CalCom Solar has been working with SCE to improve the transparency and timeliness of their NEMA billing. After months of advocating on behalf of our customers, CalCom Solar uncovered errors in SCE’s underlying NEMA billing calculations. As a result of these errors, some customers have been under-compensated for their solar generation. SCE has recognized the error, and we’re happy to report that SCE is now rolling out a fix and has committed to crediting impacted customers.

SCE NEMA customers should receive a letter from SCE in the next month explaining the issue, and SCE has committed to re-billing all current customers by the end of July 2017. Customers who already have NEMA solar systems installed and operational may receive additional credits if SCE’s incorrect billing methodology was under-valuing their solar energy.

Andrew Hoffman, CalCom Solar’s Senior Director of Strategy and Market Development, says this is “a game-changer for our SCE customers. SCE customers haven’t been getting the full value for their solar investments. We’re happy to report that SCE has committed to fixing these issues and improving the overall net energy metering experience for our customers moving forward.”

Current SCE NEMA customers can also request a credit hold on their account until SCE completes its re-billing process this summer. For new customers, SCE’s fix should be in place so customers receive correct bills from NEMA billing setup.

In response to the many questions and concerns we’ve received on behalf of our customers, CalCom Solar has launched a new billing analysis tool called vistawatt. Vistawatt clearly shows how much solar energy has been generated, and to which meters solar credits are being applied. Vistawatt also offers an in-depth look at how energy is being consumed at each meter, enabling the customer to make informed decisions about how to optimize energy usage and maximize solar savings.

CalCom Solar is extremely proud of all the hard work it has done on these issues and is excited about this progress on behalf of our customers. CalCom Solar remains committed to working with SCE, PG&E, and the CPUC on behalf of our customers and the California solar industry.

For more information on vistawatt or how we can help with your NET Metering bills call 559.667.9200 or request a demo online at