Outlets at Tejon

Tejon, CA

Customer Overview: The Outlets at Tejon
is a retail center that is owned by Tejon Ranch Company, the outlets showcase over 50 different stores that provide top designers and value brands to thousands of customers daily. With the high amount of foot traffic and around 20,000 vehicles using the off ramp next to the outlets daily, there is a need for community shared space at the outlets for dinning, restrooms, and relaxing. The Outlets at Tejon are focused on having a green footprint so that they can run a sustainable business. 

Solar The system that will be providing the energy for the Outlets is a 800 kilowatt (kW) solar carport that covers five rows of parking stalls in the center’s southwest parking lot. This system is going to produce 1,076,000 kW hours of clean energy each year for the center.

ROI: With this Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) The Outlets at Tejon did not have to purchase anything except for the energy that came from the solar at a much cheaper rate than from their regular utility. The Outlets at Tejon will also not have to worry about maintenance because CalCom will monitor the health of the system for the next 20 years.  The Outlets at Tejon are receiving 1,076,000 kW hours of clean energy a year which is offsetting 83% of the center’s electricity needs for shared spaces. This amount of energy being produced yearly is offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of 162 passenger vehicles driven for one year. Not only is The Outlets at Tejon saving money on their energy, they are implementing sustainable business practices and doing their part to keep a green footprint. 

1,076 MWH per year is the equivalent of 761 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of

passenger cars

incandescent lights switched to LED’s

gallons of gasoline
homes electricity use (one year)

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