Moonlight Packing Corp.

Reedley, CA

Customer Overview: For more than a century, the Moonlight Companies have delivered the finest fruits from California’s heartland to customers around the world. The company focuses on three main hallmarks: quality, consistency, and freshness. In order to continue their high standards within those hallmarks, Moonlight has found a fine balance between environmentally responsible farming and harvesting practices as well as continuously investing in the latest technologies for processing. The true innovation in Moonlight’s organization is within the state-of-the-art packing facility and growing techniques. To ensure its fruit arrives at the peak of ripeness, Moonlight has invested in fully automated, packing and cold storage facilities. These systems require a substantial amount of energy.

SolarThe team at CalCom Energy has designed, engineered and installed 2 solar energy systems for Moonlight, including:

·       1.1 MW ground-mounted solar array with single-axis NEXTracker racking

·       315 kW solar carport with fixed-tilt racking from RBI

·       1.45 MW fixed tilt solar array


Combined this system produces 4,829 megawatt-hours of clean energy per year, offsetting around 54% of Moonlight’s electricity use on site. These systems alone are projected to save over $15,000,000 over the next 25 years.

 Energy StorageCoupled with the PV systems, 2 battery storage systems were put in place to offset demand charges. The storage systems total:

·       106 kW Tesla Powerpack battery storage system


4,829 MWH per year is the equivalent of 3,414 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of

passenger cars

incandescent lights switched to LED’s

gallons of gasoline
homes electricity use (one year)

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