Calcom Blog


December 11, 2017

Solar projects are long-term investments and, like all investments, you need a reliable way to measure them. Owners and investors of solar projects for agriculture and water districts understand that after the last panel goes in and the system is commissioned, the first question is always this:

Is our PV system performing as it should be?

At CalCom Solar, our philosophy is simple. We recognize our customers want to maximize the performance of their energy assets and have confidence in their expected return on investment. We partner with our customers to operate and maintain the performance of their solar energy assets. If any issues arise, we have systems in place, experienced operators and the track record of success to proactively monitor your investment and determine the best course of action to quickly diagnose and resolve issues before they become a liability.

Predictable ROI for 25 Years – and Beyond

If you’ve invested in a solar energy system, you need to have a strategy in place to make sure your system keeps doing what it’s supposed to do for 25 years and beyond. Unlike other solar companies our size, we invest in both the systems AND the people to ensure this kind of performance. Our dedicated team of asset managers and project analysts are constantly watching your systems to provide actionable analytics for you and your team.

Calcom Solar takes a holistic approach to solar asset management – with constant monitoring of both the performance and the savings your system is producing. Our Remote Operations Center keeps tabs on your system with two-way communications that allow for remote fixes. We actively try to avoid truck-rolls to reduce costs and liability. We work as partners to our customers, assisting them to make the most cost-effective decisions for their systems.

Managing Solar for Ag and Water Transparently

At CalCom Solar, we are constantly assessing the potential consequences of any component malfunction so that if it happens we can advise our customers honestly about the best way to handle the issue.

Utilizing extensive data analytics and remote monitoring, we can tell our customers what the impact of any downtime will be. We base our recommendations on your system to determine the cost of any loss in production compared to the cost to address the issue. For example, a 1.1MW system is estimated to produce 2,190,291 kWhs in the first year. A soiled panel typically costs $158 per day in lost power production. If you pay $2,000 for panel washing, that investment will pay off in two weeks.

We even know what the potential losses are in summer vs. winter. If your string inverter goes down, that’ll cost you $25/day in the winter, $45-50/day in the summer. This tells the customer if they should wait for a vendor to fix an issue or if it’s worth investing in a time and materials warranty with us to address issues more quickly.

We believe in sharing this information with our customers transparently, so they can make informed decisions about their solar asset. At the end of the day, solar projects are like any other mechanical device that needs to be actively managed. We manage our customer’s solar asset as if it’s money in the bank. Because as long as the sun continues to shine, that’s exactly what it is.