February 19, 2014

BAKERSFIELD, California — CalCom Solar, a leader in transforming Ag energy liabilities into productive assets, today announced an agreement to develop a multi-megawatt solar power generation system for Fabbri Ag Services, a multigenerational agricultural operating company with experience growing more than 30 commercial crops in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

“We’ve been approached previously by numerous solar power providers,” said Jeff Fabbri, CEO of the Fabbri Group. “However, we chose CalCom Solar for a number of reasons. A big reason was their expertise in solar energy for agriculture. Also, we were impressed by their extensive experience in Ag energy mitigation And finally, as long- standing members of the Central Valley Ag community ourselves, we appreciate that CalCom Solar is locally-based and committed to agriculture in the Central Valley. We are confident that CalCom Solar is the best partner to help us achieve our long-term business and financial-planning objectives.”

Using its advanced Ag energy forecasting, CalCom Solar was able to forecast Fabbri’s future energy requirements and engineer the optimal solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system based on a number of factors. CalCom Solar analyzed hourly usage and hourly demand charges specific to a number of Fabbri sites against dozens of rate and tariff scenarios to arrive at remarkably precise, 20-year projections.

“We were able to model different system sizes, rates, utility offsets, and configurations,” said Nic Stover, VP Business Development of CalCom Solar. “We analyzed various ROI projections, based on different properties producing different crops—with the solar panels located in different utility territories. We were even able to get as granular as evaluating the effect that different pump sizes—ranging 150hp to 400hp—had on ROI. Finally, we were able to minimize crop displacement, looking at sites at five different locations before picking the one with the least operational impact and the best payback.”

Engineering and permitting for the new solar PV panel system is underway, with solar generation capacity projected to come online later this summer.

About CalCom Solar. The founders of CalCom Solar have been in the solar energy industry for more than 35 years. But our true value-add for Ag customers comes from our deep expertise in Ag energy/water-use optimization. This allows us to generate the most precise Ag energy projections in the industry.

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Nic Stover

About Fabrri Group. Fabbri is a multigenerational agricultural operating company with experience growing more than 30 commercial crops in California’s San Joaquin Valley. With roots is a family business dating back to 1938, Fabbri is focused on acquiring, developing, and managing high-value agricultural assets for its clients and partners. With a diverse and highly qualified team that has over 100 years of combined experience in the agricultural and food manufacturing business, Fabbri currently owns, leases, or manages over 10,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley. Fabbri offers three key services to agricultural investors: Investment Management, On-site Management, and Real estate Brokerage. For more information, please visit