Energy Solutions Part 2: Improving Energy Reliability

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Energy reliability means your operations have the right amount of electricity to run both efficiently and dependably.  However, there could be several reasons for an inadequate energy supply such as blackouts and shutoff events or underproducing or undersized energy generators. CalCom Energy can help diagnose the issue and provide solutions to ensure optimal and reliable operations into the future.

ENERGY CHALLENGE: Blackouts and/or Public Safety Power Shutoffs

California’s aging utility infrastructure, growing energy demands, and wildfires have all contributed to increased frequency in temporary utility power shutoffs that leave millions of residents and businesses without power, in some cases for days on end. Without a reliable backup energy solution, many business operations are forced to halt, creating millions of dollars in lost product, revenue, and services.


SOLAR + ENERGY STORAGE. An onsite solar PV system with an integrated energy storage system can help mitigate the impact of shutoffs. Onsite solar generates and supplies the energy needed for daily operations. Any excess energy generation may be used to charge the battery, which can then discharge during the evening, at times when either the solar is not producing or during blackout and shutoff events to ensure uninterrupted continuation of your operations.

ENERGY CHALLENGE: Existing Onsite Solar PV System is Underproducing

Do you have an existing solar PV system that is not producing as expected?  If so, you may be missing out on hundreds to thousands of dollars of potential savings. There could be several reasons for underproduction, ranging from aging or faulty equipment to heavy soiling.


ENERGY SERVICES. Our Services team can review existing system performance, help you diagnose the problem, and depending on the issue, can help bring the system back up to expected and efficient operation with maximum uptime and production yield. This is the insurance that protects your original investment and maximizes your financial return.

ENERGY CHALLENGE: Business Operations Have Outgrown the Existing Onsite Solar PV System

Has your business undergone operational changes and/or expansions since the initial system installation, resulting in increased on-site usage?   Sustained increases in on-site usage can affect the value of production of your existing solar PV system if the system size is not scaled to match the usage.


SOLAR. CalCom Energy can design an additional add-on solar PV array to your existing system to increase capacity, which in turn can increase production, overall energy offset, and value of production.

ENERGY SERVICES. If you participate in aggregated net metering, our analytics team can review your existing aggregated meter portfolio to better understand which loads are increasing, and can assist with reaggregation of the meters to ensure the existing PV system is both offsetting the highest load meters as well as optimizing utility credit generation.