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September 10, 2018

Tracking a Solar Farm Installation with Time-Lapse

Windy conditions were no match for our tireless crew installing a 2.2 MW addition to the D’Arrigo Farms solar project. The system was installed in just under 13 weeks from first shovel to commissioning, a phenomenal turnaround for a project this size.

We set up a video camera to capture the entire installation in time-lapse. As you can see, there
is plenty of fog in Salinas Valley, but this system will function exceedingly well in sun, wind or fog, churning out an additional 1.8 MWh (AC) per year.

This was the fourth phase of D’Arrigo Farms’ solar installations – now totaling 5.5 MW for the
premier grower and shipper of fruits and vegetables in California.

The system features 6,614 Boviet Solar modules, 46 Huawei Inverters and a single-axis tracker from NEXTracker Inc., which enabled maximum installation flexibility and optimizes production. The existence of a wind farm on the same utility substation initially presented concerns about anti-islanding, but our Director of Engineering Tim McDuffie, P.E. used the opportunity to work with the utility team to perform a study proving that anti-islanding upgrades would not be necessary, saving the customer additional time and money.