D’Arrigo Bros. Co.

Salinas, CA

Customer Overview: D’Arrigo Bros. (Andy Boy) is a leading U.S. grower and distributor of a full scope of fresh produce with integrated packing and shipping facilities as well as commercial cooling services all based in Monterey county. The company’s vision is “To implement solutions and sustainable farming to enhance the communities we serve.” D’Arrigo Bros. are self-proclaimed industry trend setters and their hallmark since day one has been innovation, in 2000 they were one of the first companies to utilize drip irrigation for water protection. Today they are still focusing on creating new ways to be environmentally conscious while producing the best product for their valued customers. To ensure product safety and quality while minimizing energy and fuel use, D’Arrigo decided to consolidate its facilities near the heart of its fields, significantly reducing travel distance, carbon emissions and time from field to facility.

Solar- The team at CalCom Energy has designed, engineered and installed 4 phases of solar energy systems totaling 5.5 Megawatts (MW) for D’Arrigo Bros. including:

  • 2.2 MW solar farm in Monterey County (completed in two phases) with NexTracker Single-Axis tracker technology.
  • 1 MW solar project with fixed-tilt racking in Gonzales, CA
  • 2 MW solar project in Salinas, CA

Energy Storage- Coupled with the PV systems an energy storage system was put in place to offset demand charges.

  • 845 kWh Tesla Powerpack battery storage system in Salinas, CA

Customer ROI- The combination of everything above for D’Arrigo will return an estimated $10,800,000 to the company’s bottom line over the next 10 years and offset 162,136,114 pounds of carbon emissions, the equivalent of 12,825 homes’ electricity use for one year. D’Arrigo Bros. strategic investment in solar, energy storage, asset management, and energy services demonstrates its long-held commitment to sustainable farming practices, ensuring a more resilient food supply for generations to come.

Yearly Solar power system produces energy equivalent to

incandescent lights switched to CFL’s
$ 0
barrels of oil consumed
railcars worth of coal burned
acres of U.S. forests in a year

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