Reliable, Grid-Connected Clean Energy

CalCom led the industry in the number of commercial solar interconnections in PG&E’s territory in 2017.

Your Utility-Scale Partner for Clean Energy

CalCom Energy works closely with utility leaders who are embracing a future where solar energy is a key part of their service offering and energy mix.

The utility industry is rapidly changing. We understand the pressure utilities face to serve their customers better while creating ongoing revenue streams with clean energy.

At CalCom, we have been partnering with utilities since the advent of the California solar industry. We work with utilities to integrate distributed energy resources safely and reliably into the grid. We partner on utility-scale projects that satisfy renewable energy targets while maximizing process efficiencies. And as new models in community solar and community choice aggregation emerge, we are engaging with utility leaders and IOUs to design projects that economically address consumers’ growing appetite for renewable energy.

Interested in partnering on a utility-scale project?