The solar land opportunity. Now open for business.

Solar Made Simple for Agriculture

Landowners in rural areas can generate revenue by leasing their land for hosting a solar project.

Building a large-scale solar project requires land. The right kind of land. As communities become more and more interested in building local solar projects, landowners are recognizing new opportunities to generate revenue from their lands while benefitting their local community and the environment at the same time.

CalCom works directly with landowners to respectfully develop their lands for solar projects. Our ground-mount solar projects use less land than other approaches, enabling vegetation and crops in many cases to grow right along with the solar.

Land leases for solar fields can produce a steady and predictable stream of revenue for 20 years or more. When you lease your land for a solar array the operations and maintenance of the solar farm are handled by the solar company holding the lease, not by you. Revenues increase while labor costs decrease, providing more time and money for you to dedicate to other land operations.


Benefits of Developing Solar on Your Land:

  • Long-term, secure source of passive income
  • Productive, environmentally sustainable use of marginal or fallow land
  • Minimal need for water or infrastructure
  • Allows for vegetation growth and in some cases, simultaneous crop growth

Every project we build takes into account the landowners’ overall land strategy and potential to optimize use of fallow land for the community’s energy needs. When we’re finished, you’ll be as proud of the project as we are.

If you own more than 5 acres of grid-connected land, let’s talk.

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