Management Team

Marc Bourdon

Procurement and Design Manager

Marc Bourdon is our Procurement and Design Manager. Marc works closely with the sales team to put forward cost effective and value-added energy solutions, while, at the same time maintaining forward looking technical knowledge and strategic vendor relationships to serve as a resource to the project management, construction and asset management teams. Marc also handles production modelling and is skilled in PVSyst, SAM, and Helioscope. 

Marc has been with CalCom since 2016 starting as a preliminary designer and estimator, and has also spent time in CalComs core market locations helping execute projects both in the field and in the office. Marc experience both on the sales front and in the field has given him a unique breadth of understanding of the complete solar sales and installation process. Marc holds a Masters of Applied Science in Geography, with over 15 years as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst, spending much of that time in the wilds of Alaska carrying out research on industrial impacts to fish, birds and marine mammals.