Leadership Team

Ali Baird

VP of Energy Services

Ali Baird is VP of Energy Services and a member of the CalCom Energy Board of Directors. Ali and her team lead the company’s efforts to evaluate, design and deliver energy solutions to CalCom customers.

Ali joined CalCom in 2013 and since that time has developed a Sales Ops team highly focused on efficiency, transparency and customer results. This means that Sales does more than sell; they follow up to ensure customers realize their return on their energy investment. The team audits customer utility bills to make sure customers are properly credited and, when discrepancies are found, advocates on customers’ behalf. From 2017 to 2018, Sales Ops discovered more than $1 million in additional savings opportunities for CalCom customers, through utility billing errors and suboptimal rate schedule assignments.

Prior to joining CalCom in 2013, Ali was a consultant for many years and developed a customer service mindset and no-problems-without-solutions approach. She has worked as a project manager, team leader, senior scientist, and analyst on projects ranging from public land management to oil spill recovery—all with a focus on translating data into clear, real-world results to clients.


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