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Powering a more sustainable, resilient food and water supply.

The food production and supply chain accounts for about 30% of total global energy consumption. —UNESCO

Who We Are

CalCom Energy ( is a Fresno, CA-based solar project developer and energy services company focused on agriculture and water customers. Founded in California’s Central Valley in 2012, CalCom develops and builds solar and energy storage projects that offset rising electricity costs while helping customers reduce operational expenses, improve their bottom line, and create a more sustainable world. To date the company has developed 150+MW of solar to date. 

Our Mission

We live in a world where food, water and energy are inextricably linked. As our global population continues to expand, it is imperative that these resources be managed in an integrated way to ensure sustainable agriculture and development worldwide.

Our Customers

We work with customers who are leaders in their own right – visionary businesses in the agriculture and dairy industries, as well as water utilities and public agencies doing their part to ensure a more sustainable world. Our focus is optimizing solar and solar + storage projects to maximize the value of our customers’ energy—transforming what used to be a liability into a productive asset, for this generation and the next.

Our Specialty

The CalCom team has unique expertise in forecasting energy usage for agricultural and water operations, which is critical to maximizing solar ROI. We have deployed 100+ megawatts of solar-generating capacity at large-scale installations—from the heart of the world’s produce region in California’s Central Valley.
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Commercial Solar Interconnections in PG&E Area (2017)

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