Gilmore Ranch

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Projects Gilmore Ranch Kerman, CACalCom Solar deployed two solar arrays for Gilmore Ranch in Kerman, California. Both systems feature a single axis tracking system using the latest NEXTracker technology. Benefits:…

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DR Dairy

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Projects DR Dairy Chowcilla, CADR Dairy in Chowcilla, CA chose CalCom Solar for their solar installation based on our expertise in helping dairy operations reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.…

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Lakeside Dairy

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Projects Lakeside Dairy Hanford, CALakeside Dairy, located in Hanford, CA, is home to over 3,000 dairy cows and features a state-of-the-art dairy carousel that milks up to 80 cows at…

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Hester Orchards

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Projects Hester Orchards Farmersville, CAHester Orchards, located in Farmersville, CA, has a rich family tradition with deep roots in California orchard agriculture. The early history of the ranch was prune…

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