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November 15, 2017

Aggregated Net Metering Bills Got You Down?

Do you have a stack of utility bills cluttering your desk right now? Going solar saves agribusinesses thousands of dollars in energy costs every year. But too many times companies leave sizeable sums on the table by not understanding their utility’s net energy metering aggregation (NEMA) bills.

Aggregated net metering in California has been an advantage to farms, water districts, and other landowners who want to go solar because it enables them to share bill credits across meters on different contiguous properties. But tracking the billing of these systems can be so complex that it requires the services of full-time accountant just to ensure you’re getting the proper bill credits.

We know you have better things to do than auditing utility bills – so we do it for you! We saw early on the challenges NEMA billing presented to customers, and began building our own data analysis team to address the problem.

We want to make sure you’re getting every penny of savings you deserve by going solar. In 2017 alone, CalCom Solar helped customers find an additional $585,000 in overpayments and overbillings. While savings vary by customer, we recently discovered a utility bill error that saved one of our customers $60,000.

Using your CalCom Solar vistawatt™ dashboard, you can see how much energy your company has used, how much solar you produced, and how much you saved. But that’s not all.

Here are five key pieces of information you’ll get from vistawatt™:

  • How much energy use did we offset with solar?
  • How much of the energy offset was direct vs. allocated?
  • How much did solar reduce our energy bill?
  • Did our utility bill us/credit us correctly?
  • Are our meters on the optimal utility rates?

In addition to helping you understand your utility bills, CalCom Solar’s Energy Bill Analytics Services (EBAS) team has developed a deep understanding of utility bill rate structures. We understand the nitty gritty of demand charges and time-of-use charges. We can help maximize your savings through rate schedule optimization and shifts in usage behavior to avoid peak demand charges.

Just one more way CalCom Solar is working for you to harvest the awesome power of the sun.

You can access your vistawatt™ system here. To learn more about vistawatt™ and find new ways to maximize your energy savings, contact us at