CalCom Energy Joins the Fight Against Anti-Solar Legislation

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Legislation threatening solar in California was defeated earlier this month. The CalCom customer base, and other solar owners in California, would’ve been negatively impacted by the AB 1139 proposal. CalCom Energy made a monetary donation to California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA) to support efforts in leading the fight against AB 1139.  

CalCom leveraged their close relation with the ag community by working to inform and educate key agriculture political stakeholders on anti-solar legislation and the negative impacts facing constituents in their districts, provoking leaders to standup and fight against AB 1139.  

CalCom engaged several California Farm Bureaus in advocacy efforts by communicating facts on AB 1139, allowing bureaus to communicate downward to their members of how damaging the proposed legislation was. With the generous help of two existing CalCom customers, direct calls to legislators were made expressing opposition of AB 1139.  

VP of service, Ali Baird, and her team collected detailed real world cost impact data for CALSSA to use in the front lines with their case. Thank you to our dedicated employees Will Cheeseman, Eulises Viscaino and Daniel Arreola organizing a trip to Sacramento to participate in the AB 1139 protest held at the state capitol on May 19TH, 2021.  

From the CALSSA President on CalCom’s efforts, “Thank you again for this as well as all the in-kind help the CalCom team are providing.”