Calcom Blog


February 5, 2014

Originally implementation of Aggregated Net Metering (ANM), also known as Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA), scheduled for mid February, but the PUC is working to resolve additional issues (protests) lodged by the public on the January 15 supplemental advice letters received from PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. There are similarities among the companies in how they will institute ANM/NEMA, but also some key differences. We’ve created a ANM/NEMA FAQs page, but let’s review some of the details here.

PG&E has not directly stated their policy on how often they’ll allow users to switch between meters to be offset. SCG&E allows regular updates; SCE is more restrictive. The goal is to be able to choose which meters you offset on a regular basis, so that if you change from pumping surface water to a deep well motor, you can offset that meter right away. We will continue to monitor this.

Existing solar facilities can be rolled into ANM/NEMA – it’s not just for new generators.

New transformers and other upgrades might be needed to connect large new generating facilities to the utility, sometimes the upgrades are at the utilities’ own cost, but there may be delays for studies and construction.

Get into this queue sooner rather than later! Remember that the utilities are required to offer ANM/NEMA only until the total capacity of renewable energy generated exceeds 5% of their own aggregate demand. Between that and interconnection delays, the sooner you start to go solar, the sooner you’ll start to save money.