October 3, 2018

ACWA has announced the selection of CalCom Energy, a California-based solar project developer and energy services company, as a preferred provider of integrated solar and energy storage services for agriculture and water districts.

Founded in California’s Central Valley in 2012, CalCom develops, finances and builds solar and energy storage projects that offset rising electricity costs while helping customers reduce operational expenses, improve their bottom line, and create a more sustainable world. To date, the company’s employees have collectively developed more than 200 megawatts (MW) of solar and battery projects, including some of the largest agricultural solar farms in the West.

“CalCom Energy is honored to be selected by the Association of California Water Agencies as a Preferred Provider for solar, energy storage, and integration services for ACWA’s 450 member agencies throughout California,” said Dylan Dupre, President and CEO of CalCom Energy.

CalCom works with each individual customer to determine the best solution that maximizes economic benefit and helps to achieve their sustainability goals. They assist both privately held businesses and public entities with financing options for their solar and energy storage projects, including state grant programs like the Self-Generation Incentive Program for battery storage and utility bill offset programs like RES-BCT.

CalCom also offers its customers the opportunity to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which is essentially a contract between a company and its energy provider that allows the company to host a solar and/or energy storage system on its property and pay only for the clean energy the system generates, at a lower price than existing electricity rates.

As an added benefit up front, CalCom Energy offers free site assessments, which provides an organization with a detailed evaluation of their energy use and current utility charges to assess the total potential savings on energy costs.

For more information or to set up a free energy assessment, contact Ali Baird, CalCom Energy’s VP of Sales Operations at (559) 667-9200, or by email at

As an ACWA Preferred Provider, CalCom Energy offers special pricing to ACWA members. ACWA members can find out about other ACWA Preferred Providers by visiting Member log-in is required.