Utility Bill Analytics

Your Solar Project is like money in the bank. So we treat it that way.

Solar projects need to be proactively monitored and maintained to make sure you’re getting the return you expect. Unlike other solar companies, we invest in both the people AND the systems to ensure your solar project is performing as it should be.

Every PV system we build comes with the AlsoEnergy PowerTrack™ PV system to provide continuous performance monitoring of your solar array. And we offer utility bill auditing to track the value of the energy your system produces against the credits on your utility bill—an invaluable service not offered by most solar companies.

Our Energy & Billing Analysis team has identified utility billing errors on nearly 20% of the accounts we monitor, with the average error amount exceeding $10,000. We advocate on your behalf and in all cases, have been able to help the customer obtain reimbursement.