VanderPoel Dairy

Pixley, CA

VanderPoel Dairy is a leading dairy producer located in Pixley, CA that is projected to save millions of dollars on energy costs over the lifetime of their solar array.


  • 1.1 megawatt Single-axis Tracker System
  • $264,000 per year reduction in energy expense
  • Produce 2,200 megawatt hours per year
  • Low rates locked in for 25 years
  • 42% of energy needs offset by solar
VanderPoel Dairy 1
VanderPoel Dairy 2
VanderPoel Dairy 3
VanderPoel Dairy 4
VanderPoel Dairy 5

2,200 megawatt hours per year is the equivalent of 1,509 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of

tree seedlings grown for 10 years
wind turbines installed
gallons of gas consumed
tons of waste sent to the landfill