Moonlight Packing Corp.

Reedley, CA

Since 1918, Moonlight Companies have delivered the finest fruits from California’s heartland to customers around the globe. Quality, consistency, and freshness are the hallmarks of Moonlight. Moonlight has struck a fine balance between environmentally responsible farming practices, dedication to a safe and comfortable working environment, and ongoing investments in the latest technologies. These elements, combined with good old fashioned hard work, allow Moonlight to give the consumer the freshest, juiciest fruits delivered at the peak of ripeness. The solar power system installed at Moonlight is a single axis tracking system using the latest NEXTracker technology.


  • 1.1 MW DC Single-axis Tracking System
  • $300,000 reduction in utility expenses annually
  • Produce approximately 2,200 megawatt hours of clean renewable energy
  • Low rates and protection against utility rates hikes for 25 years
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Moonlight Packing Corporation 1a
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2,200 MWH per year is the equivalent of 1,509 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of

passenger cars
tons of landfill waste
tanker trucks worth of gasoline
homes electricity use (one year)